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Your junk can be someone’s treasure

30 Dec

I had to reblog  this.

Kevin Aloo

  • Yes, that you might be seing as junk in your house could be someone’s treasure somewhere in kenya, I share this story with a lot of pain in my heart when sometimes I find my hands tied struggling to help these young children suffering from cerebral palsy. It pains sometimes that’s their parents can’t afford even the money for their therapy and that’s why I came with an idea of training them on how to make african sandals so that they earn something to put food on their table and be able to pay therapy for these children. Magdaline is in her first day for the training on how to do the beadwork but our main challenge is where to put her three years daughter Gift, who’s suffering from cerebral palsy. We only have one option with us, though it might look painful but that’s the situation I need to…

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