4 Sep

IMG_3242 The MASAA MARKET is a market that was founded by Happy Feet African Sandals and Rona Foundation to help the widows, orphans,disabled and the youth to come and sell their own crafts. The people who sell in this market are the same people who make the things they sell. This is a market without brokers. Like as seen in other markets, where brokers hike the prices of products, in the MASAA MARKET you deal with the producers themselves, the widows, orphan, disabled and the youth. The Market was Launched on 31st August, 2014 at Meladen Restaurant in upperhill near Nairobi Club, Kenya.This idea come into place as we were looking for ways of fighting Widow abuse in Kenya, and we came to realise when this widows are empowered and given some work to do they will depend on themselves and can stand strong infront of the abusers. HAPPY FEET AFRICAN SANDALS is an organization that was formed after a long struggle of Kevin Aloo( the CEO and Founder) in Kibera slum. The story of Happy Feet African sandals will be the next topic in my post.Rona Foundation which was also founded by Roseline Orwa, is an organization that deals with widows and orphans and its story will be in our next postings too. WHY THE MASAA MARKET? here you promote the widows, orphans, disabled and the youth directly as you interact with them face to face , unlike in other markets where you deal with brokers who doesn’t even know how to make the crafts. A purchase in MASAA MARKET, you promote a widow, an orphan, a physically challenged person or a youth in Kenya. Buy Kenyan build Kenya.


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