5 Sep


When I was moving in Kibera Slum I came a cross this scene that touched my heart and I decided to take a picture. I saw these young children of kibera struggling to get something from the waste where the pigs, goats and dogs were also struggling to get the same. This made me think of the prodigal son in the bible who went back to the father to ask for forgiveness. He realized that in the father’s house there is plenty to eat and him eating what is meant for the animals, infact the food is not even healthy for the animals. There are so many lessons we can learn from this and lets ask ourselves as people of God, How can we help these kids, by just donating $40 per month can help these children go back to school and get enough food for the month. From these experiences that why decided to have a program at our workshop to identify these children who need our help and take them back to school. Your donation towards such programs will be highly appreciated and God will surely bless you abundantly. Check our page on facebook HAPPY FEET AFRICAN SANDALS and like our page. By buying our products you save a life in kibera.


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